Industry use cases — Azure AKS

Azure launched this AKS services for general availability in June 2018.

Shifting to containers :

Data Flow

  1. User converts existing application to container(s) & publishes container image(s)to the Azure Container Registry
  2. Using Azure Portal or command line, user deploys containers to AKS cluster
  3. Azure Active Directory is used to control access to AKS resources
  4. Easily access SLA-backed Azure Services such as Azure Database for MySQL using OSBA (Open Service Broker for Azure)
  5. Optionally, AKS can be deployed with a VNET virtual network

Microservices with AKS :

Data Flow

  1. Developer uses IDE such as Visual Studio to commit changes to GitHub
  2. GitHub triggers a new build on Azure DevOps
  3. Azure DevOps packages microservices as containers and pushes them to the Azure Container Registry
  4. Containers are deployed to AKS cluster
  5. Users access services via apps and website
  6. Azure Active Directory is used to secure access to the resources
  7. Microservices use databases to store and retrieve information
  8. Administrator accesses via a separate admin portal

Secure DevOps for AKS

Data Flow

  1. Developers rapidly iterate, test, and debug different parts of an application together in the same Kubernetes cluster.
  2. Code is merged into a GitHub repository, after which automated builds and tests are run by Azure Pipelines.
  3. Release pipeline automatically executes pre-defined deployment strategy with each code change.
  4. Kubernetes clusters are provisioned using tools like Helm charts that define the desired state of app resources and configurations.
  5. Container image is pushed to Azure Container Registry.
  6. Cluster operators define policies in Azure Policy to govern deployments to the AKS cluster.




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