Business through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. ALPHASENSE : AlphaSense is used by the largest, fastest-growing companies in the world. Powered by AI technology and leveraging advances in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in particular, AlphaSense is a revolutionary search engine that delivers superior results — helping agile teams make better strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge. The technology uses artificial intelligence to expand keyword searches for relevant content.
  2. NEURALA: Neurala is dedicated to helping manufacturers enhance their vision inspection process. AI-powered visual inspection goes beyond the capabilities of machine vision alone in detecting anomalies and product variations. Using our proven AI technology, manufacturers can continue to scale production and adapt to workforce changes, while achieving even higher levels of quality control. Neurala is developing “The Neurala Brain,” a deep learning neural network software that makes devices like cameras, phones and drones smarter and easier to use. Neurala’s solutions are currently used on more than a million devices. Additionally, companies and organizations like NASA, Huawei, Motorola and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are also using the technology.
  3. PERSADO: Persado is the AI platform of reference for the choice of words across the enterprise. Companies gain quantifiable business impact and data-driven insights. It’s a marketing language cloud that uses AI-generated language to craft advertising for targeted audiences. With functionality across all channels, Persado helps businesses increase acquisitions, boost retention and build better relationships with their customers.
  4. BLUE-RIVER TECH : The tech is a pioneer in the use of computer vision and robotics for agriculture. It combines artificial intelligence and computer vision to build smarter farm tech. The company’s See & Spray machine learning technology, for example, can detect individual plants and apply herbicide to the weeds only. The solution not only prevents herbicide-resistant weeds but reduces 90% of the chemicals currently sprayed.




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